BumperTunes allows you to purchase licenses to specific tunes for specific uses (each, a “Tune”). In order to download a Tune, you will be required to agree to the usage terms for the Tune and to purchase a license that limits the use of the Tune to those exact terms. A PDF file of the license document (“License”) will be sent to you and will serve as both invoice and license. The provisions of the License will control your use of the Song and will override any conflicting provisions in these Terms with respect to your use of the Tune.

From time to time, BumperTunes may provide you the opportunity to download an MP3 file of the Song for evaluation purposes only. In this case, BumperTunes grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to store, reproduce (including making a copy onto your computer’s hard drive) and use the Tune solely for evaluation purposes, to test the Tune (including using the Tune in animatic and video sequences) or for demonstration to your clients, but only when used in a non-commercial manner.

Except for those uses described above, rates and rights to use must be negotiated before use. All Tunes and all rights not expressly granted in writing remain the exclusive property of BumperTunes.

Unless permitted in the License, you may not:

  • Sublicense, re-license, rent or lease any Tune
  • Copy or publish any Tune to a network or bulletin board
  • Otherwise distribute or allow any Song to be distributed to or used by anyone other than the authorized users, without prior written consent from BumperTunes
  • Use any Tune in connection with any form of pornography
  • Use any Tune in a libelous, defamatory, fraudulent, infringing or otherwise illegal manner
  • Use any Tune to promote a business that sells or licenses Tune, or otherwise competes with BumperTunes in any manner
  • Ship, transfer or export any of the Tunes into any country or use any of the Tunes in any manner prohibited by any export laws, restrictions or regulations.